IR Inverted Index

Inverted Index Based Boolean Information Retrieval Model - Assignment 1 - CS317 - FAST NUCES (Karachi).


Click Here for Github Repository


  • Indexed Given Documents of Trump Speeches using a Inverted Index.
  • Designed a Query Engine using a Abstract Syntax Tree that can parse complex Boolean queries that have nested brackets.
  • Pickled the inverted index for quick retrieval for query purposes.


Jupyter Notebook:

The Notebook Contains a Inverted Index Implementation with options to query Boolean, Phrasal, Proximity Queries.

  • Notebook : IR-A1-K173654.ipynb

Desktop System:

A GUI Based Executable is present that provides a Desktop Interface to the Django based web server which holds the implementation of Inverted Index hosted on Heroku. It can evaluate and return results for queries.

  • Desktop GUI : IR-SYS-A1 A Electron React-Redux based Front-end Desktop Application.

To Download Click Here.

  • Python Django Web Server : IR-SERVER-A1 A Django Application to serve as back-end.

Web System:

A React-Redux based Front-end Web Application. A Web Application is hosted at .